We all remember the tackle at the tackle K-Lib and Bicha after the latter released the song entitled “Doub 6”. This song came at the time of the face-to-face involving Roody Roodboy’s camp, Master Brain, P-Jay, and Baky’s, Wendy’s, Trouble Boy’s. Everyone thought that the duel between Bicha and K-Lib had ended as fast as it had appeared but it would seem no.

Indeed, Bicha seems to be far from putting an end to it. Since in a short video circulating on social networks and Youtube that represents an excerpt from his next single entitled “Ralekò w”, the Haitian comedian clash K-lib, this is the report. It should be noted that at the end of this short video, the advertiser took the opportunity to announce the release of his album called “La Bicharisation du Rap” soon. Will this album contain only rap songs? Will he be successful as it is for the comedian in the commercials?

The future will tell us more!

For now, the questions that are on the lips of many people: “K-lib, will he respond to the provocations of Tonton Bicha? If so, who of the two will enjoy the max of this clash? ”

It should be remembered that the former member of Mystik 703, has promised to abandon rap to devote himself to a simple and peaceful life, and his family after the release of his album called “The Apostate” in 2016. So the interpreter of “M’anvi ri” who lives in the USA today will probably have to break his promise to answer the one he deems to be mocking rap if he wants to give him a correction.

The clock is ticking, the days go by, and the public is anxious to know whether or not there is going to be a clash of these two.

According to you, who will win this duel if he sees it?

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